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A degree in English is one of the more versatile degrees you can attain. Gaining the basic, yet fundamental skills of researching, editing, and writing effectively can set you up for success in fields ranging from academia to management to speech writing to freelance writing and professional editing. Eureka College has two literary journals and provides opportunities for students to experience practical internships from newspaper writing to working on grants.

English majors experience personal attention from their faculty, receiving personalized course projects and attending special events hosted by English Department faculty. The department also provides students with networking that includes having current professional authors participate in class, critique student work, and eat dinner with English majors and faculty.


The English major rests upon literature as its foundation – national and international texts, in English and in translation, by recognized and less known authors – and enables students to gain insight into the complexity of the human condition through reflective study and appreciation of this literature. In addition, writing is at the core of the English program, for writing, in its many forms, is the suitable expression of the English student’s learning, integration of knowledge, and creativity. The English courses enrich the student of the liberal arts by offering an awareness of literature in its historical, social, and intellectual contexts as well as the study and practice of writing in its diverse forms. The English major offers both a literature and a writing track, as well as the option to earn teacher licensure.


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Literature and Writing

  • National Literary Texts
  • International Literary Texts
  • Historical Context
  • Social Context
  • Intellectual Context
  • Literature Track
  • Writing Track
  • Teacher Licensure Option
Internship Opportunities
Area Newpapers
Eureka Literary Magazine
Red Cross (grant writing)
What Careers Can an English Major Have?
Grant Writing
Tech Writing
Public Relations
Law School
Graduate School
Characteristics of English Literature Majors
Critical Thinking

Staff Contacts

Dr. Ezekiel Jarvis

Professor, Creative Writing

zjarvis@eureka.edu (309) 467-6473

Burrus Dickinson 301

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Dr. Kate Harlin

Assistant Professor - Post-Colonial Literature

kharlin@eureka.edu (309) 467-6679

Burrus Dickinson 302

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Eureka College graduates are employed or in graduate programs within six months of graduation.


Eureka College English Literature majors who enter graduate school successfully complete their program.


Job growth is expected to increase 5% through 2029 for English graduates.


The national average annual salary for English graduates is $69K.